KU DE TA - Bali's World Renowned Luxury Beach Club

When it first opened back in 2000 on a fabulous site fronting a golden sand beach on Bali’s south coast at Seminyak, KU DE TA pioneered the concept of a multi-dimensional  beach club / dining / nightlife venue on the island. With fortuitous prescience, the founding partners anticipated the demand for a sophisticated yet laid-back beachfront lifestyle destination, offering patrons for the first time in Bali something similar to the chic beach club concept found at glamorous Mediterranean resort beaches. Catering to a clientele seeking an all-day beachfront experience, KU DE TA’s impressive gourmet catering operations serve from a variety of menus commencing with early morning breakfast, transitioning as the day recedes into the evening through lunch, grazing and dinner. Integrating harmoniously into the daily transition, the DJs playlist encapsulates the mood of the moment, culminating in an up-tempo vibe as the late night party gets into full swing.

Renowned internationally as much for its vibrant nightlife as for its fabulous Indian Ocean beachfront  locale, KU DE TA has retained its preeminent ranking as Bali’s iconic beachfront lifestyle and party destination, even with the establishment in recent years of a number of other world-class beach clubs on the nearby coastline. Astutely managed, KU DE TA has evolved to cater for a more discerning and sophisticated clientele of both island residents and tourists, perhaps best exemplified with the recent opening of its new Mejekawi Tasting Kitchen and Laboratory, a bold new dining concept that places KU DE TA at the cutting edge of contemporary gastronomy. With the new restaurant opening, KU DE TA now boasts an impressive assemblage within its beach front pavilions of four bars and three distinct dining options.

KU DE TA is a terrific all-day lifestyle destination- opening every day from 8 am until closing late in the night. Its formidable combination of stunning beachfront location, contemporary design and gourmet cuisine, complemented by a stellar drinks program, overlaid with its signature music style and vibrant party scene, continues to place KU DE TA at the forefront of Bali’s entertainment and lifestyle attractions. Information on upcoming events and parties is best found on the KU DE TA Facebook Page.


At the core of KU DE TA’s enduring attraction is the wonderful oceanfront location – accessing one of the best stretches of golden sand beaches and safe swimming along the Seminyak coastline. Taking full advantage of the expansive 0.7 ha site, the U shaped series of three interconnected pavilions enclose the central garden courtyard creating a private zone of beach-side relaxation and entertainment. The contemporary design adopts a modern Balinese style – characterised by the high pitched, wood-shingled roof of the main pavilion, and extensive use of natural timbers and stone work. The site configuration ideally converts into a massive amphitheatre and party zone for the themed special parties that are a regular feature throughout the year- culminating in the extravagant events of the annual August “party season”.


Catering at KU DE TA is conducted on an epic scale- typically preparing 1000+ meals per day- and with the kitchens operating virtually around the clock. The massive culinary team is headed by acclaimed executive chef Ben Cross, who deftly deploys his Antipodean flair for melding a diversity of cuisine influences into cleverly balanced menus that appeal to all palates. Cuisines represented in the menus range from Mediterranean to Japanese and regional Asian, whereas as much produce as possible is sourced locally- both for freshness and to support local farmers. Transitioning from the casual daytime eats, the kitchen steps up a notch or two for dinner- with a consummate menu of gourmet dishes that have earned KU DE TA accolades for its exquisite dining experience.

Equally impressive to the dining experience at KU DE TA is the drinks program headed up by Bar Manager Bruce Bartholomew. Drawing on his extensive international experience at some of the finest establishments in his native South Africa and later London, Bruce oversees a highly trained team of bartenders and servers who deliver refreshments throughout the day to satiate the thirsty crowds. An expansive list of cocktails embraces all the classic and tropical favourites, complemented by a constantly updated selection of innovative drinks concocted by the award winning mixologists. Beyond cocktails, KU DE TA offers an extensive wine list and full range of beverages- both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.


Launched during June 2013 in a newly constructed upper-level space of the southern pavilion, Mejekawi showcases a stunning show kitchen, cutting-edge gastronomic laboratory, and innovative cocktail bar. Under the direction of executive chef Ben Cross the kitchen serves progressive 7-course and 11-course tasting menus that focus on showcasing the most exquisite local produce from Bali.